CNC Forming

One of a common parts of a production process is CNC forming. We are ready to bend long parts of steel up to 4 meters long. The bending equipment is comprised of 15 machines for both one-time and serial bending.

  • Highly productive bending
  • Maximum part flexibility
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Easy handling
Current utilization of production line: we accept orders


We have 15 CNC Down stroking press brakes. These machines are flexible when you need to bend a variety of parts. The entire bending process from programming and tool set-up to bending itself is extremely productive.

Parameters of production

  • Machines:
    • 4× TrumaBend C110
    • 2× TrumaBend V85S
    • 1× TruBend 5320
    • 1× TrumaBend V320
    • 2× TrumaBend V130
    • 1× LVD 170 CNC Brake Press
    • 3× LVD 80 CNC Brake Press
    • 1× RAS 76.30 CNC Bending Station
  • Length of the folds: up to 4.000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: up to 12 mm

Our products

Photokiosk Unit I

The amount of various bends is proved e. g. by a product from the family of photo- and infokiosks.

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Photokiosk Unit I

The amount of inner structure and pattern complexity very well mirrors all possibilities of our production.

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Photokiosk Unit II

We are able to produce a lot of modifications including all components such as hinges, locks etc.

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