Manual welding

Qualified welders in C&F give real care to your orders, and thanks to a sufficient amount of cells we can flexibly respond to new orders.

  • Twenty welding cells
  • Reliable and qualified welders
  • Wide range of welded materials
Current utilization of production line: we accept orders


We are equipped with 20 welding stations, operated by reliable and qualified welders.

With both MIG and TIG welding capabilities, which enables us to achieve the best results.

Parameters of production

  • Machines: 20 welding stations
  • Used methods: MIG/TIG
  • Welded materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium

Our products

Welded chassis

Welded chassis consists of preparing exact segments that have to be precisely welded. Due to the complexity of patterns we choose manual welding in this case.

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Segments of cooling devices

Fine and precise welding is also necessary in the case of these segments for cooling units.

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