Hard tooling

Pressing steel, aluminium and other metals can be performed. In C&F, machine presses range from 100 to 630 tons. Our presses are further supplemented with an automatic feeder for progression tooling from rolled coils. Rich machine equipment allows to carry out demanding orders as well.

  • Hard tooling with coil feeder
  • Wide range of compression forces
  • Larger capacities at lower cost
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We provide our customers with the capability of hard tooling. Our extensive plant facilities allow us to meet your production requirements.

Press shop is equipped with 15 power press machines ranging from 100 to 630 tonne. We are also equipped with an automatic feeder system for progression tooling from rolled coils.

Parameters of production

  • Machines:
    • 1× 630t Fagor Power Press
    • 2× 500t Wilkins & Mitchell Power Press
    • 1× 350t SEYI Power Press
    • 1× 300t Manzoni Power Press
    • 1× 200t Aida Power Press
    • 1× 150t Aida Power Press
    • 2× 150t Amada Power Press
    • 5× 100t Aida Power Press
    • 1× 100t SEYI Power Press
  • Pressing force: 100–630 tons

Our products

Automatic pressing

Hard tooling is performed on many machines with a different span of pressing force. A progressive pressing tool allows to produce a forged piece during successive operations.

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Realized operations

Progression tooling

Hard tooling together with precise tools allows to fulfil specific customer requirements and achieve progressivity namely by pressing from coils.

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Realized operations

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